This is how we transform our meet and assist service features and benefits during pandemic
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This is how we transform our meet and assist service features and benefits during pandemic

For more than ten years of operating the Meet and Assist services in Indonesia, ASA provides travelers with seamless travel experiences for their airport journey. And through our significant achievement in 2019, we have assisted more than 80.000 contented passengers. 

We strive to provide our optimal assistance to every traveler. Even when the pandemic hits Indonesia in early 2020, we spare no effort to survive and adapt to the present conditions by positioning ourselves in their shoes. We recognize the distress of every traveler is when they need to

Get trustworthy information and protection during their travel journey"

After obtaining all the points, we transformed our standard Premium services into Premium X-tra in July 2020 by adding features & benefits that travelers expected during pandemics.

  1. Complimentary Airport Consultation
Airport Consultation

We understand that obtaining reliable information sources on flight requirements for both Domestic and International is difficult. Thus we provide you with our complimentary Airport Consultation and enlighten you on the factual circumstances at several airports where we operate.

  1. Our Team standard Covid-19 protocols
COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Our entire experienced team is fully vaccinated and equipped with COVID-19 safe protocols to ensure your journey in the airport will be safe.

  1. Our Sanitation Kits
Sanitation Kit

This package of sanitation kits gives you extra protection upon your Arrival or for your Departure flight, especially after going through multiple checkpoints. You will receive face masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitizer wipes.

  1. Baggage Wrap
Sanitation Kit

Available only for Domestic & International Departure, these new features will protect your baggage from unnecessary interactions and remain hygienic.

  1. Baggage Spray
Sanitized Baggage Spray

Available only for Domestic & International Arrival, these new features will sanitize your baggage after being jumbled with other luggage during multiple processes.

  1. Additional COVID-19 line-up service (PCR test, Hotel Quarantine, and Insurance)
PCR Test

Due to the rising demands for COVID-19 related services over the past year, we have launched varied products & services to accommodate your travel journey necessities. We offer a PCR test to complete your travel requirements, Arrival Quarantine service for International Arrival, and COVID-19 insurance.

These features and benefits are also applicable with our ‘Premium Plus’ product, and you will also receive an additional porter service to assist with your baggage.

ASA is aware that COVID-19 is still rampant, so we proactively provide travelers with the best service possible and offer innovative products and services that we deem fit with the existing circumstances. 

Share your trust in us, let us take care of your airport journey.

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