The Current Flow to Get Your Indonesian VISA During New Normal Conditions
The Current Flow to Get Your Indonesian VISA During New Normal Conditions

With the temporary closure of Visa-on-Arrival application in Indonesia since the COVID-19 outbreak, with the exception of travellers who have Temporary or Permanent Stay Permit (KITAS/KITAP), there are obstacles to enter Indonesia for non-Indonesian citizens. We are glad to provide you, new updates from the Indonesian authorities for foreigners to obtain Temporary Visit Visa and Temporary Stay Visa, in the form of e-Visa.

Temporary Visit Visa is given for:

  1. Workers on urgent and immediate work
  2. Business and investment discussion
  3. Indonesia’s product procurement
  4. Expatriate test on ‘fit and proper person test’
  5. Medical and agricultural assistance or aid, and
  6. Transportation crew

While Temporary Stay Visa is given for :

  1. Workers : expert workers; crew for ships, floating equipment, or installations operating in the territorial waters of the archipelago, the territorial sea, or the continental shelf, as well as the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone; for the supervision of the quality of goods or production; conducting inspections or audits at company branches in Indonesia; serving after-sales, installing and repairing machines; doing non-permanent work in the context of construction; and prospective foreign workers who will work in the framework of testing skills.
  2. Non-workers : foreign investment, family reunification, or retirement

Below are the requirements :

  1. Have a guarantor in Indonesia
  2. Have a valid health certificate, statement letter of willingness for quarantine and health monitoring, and proof of valid health insurance
  3. Proof of owning minimum fund of USD 1,500 for Temporary Stay Visa, USD 10,000  for Temporary Visit Visa and USD 1,500 for Temporary Stay Visa for medical and agricultural assistance or aid, and transportation crew.

Steps to get a visa is below :

  1. Guarantor to submit application for a visit visa and limited stay visa to the Director-General of Immigration for visa approval and issuance of a telex
  2. Guarantor to receive the billing code and pay to the bank
  3. Immigration office will review the document in the next 1 working day
  4. Guarantor and applicant will receive the E-Visa via Telex, Email, or physical visa from Indonesia Embassy

*Guarantor: Indonesia citizen who guarantees the living expenses and return flight to home country of the applicant while in Indonesia

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