Oom Swastyastu - Welcome Back to Heavenly Bali
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Oom Swastyastu - Welcome Back to Heavenly Bali

The island of gods and goddesses started to welcome more international flights, as Indonesia's government unlocked borders via Bali on14 October 2021. The first International flight that landed on the island was Garuda Indonesia (GA881) on 3 February 2022, which sparks hopes that their tourism industry will regain its traffic. And Don't forget to fulfill the requirements to enter Bali by holding a valid B211 Tourism Visit Visa, fully vaccinated, and three days of compulsory quarantine once you arrive in Bali. Then, you'll be set and enjoy the sunset on Kuta Beach, vibing with monkeys in Monkey Forest Ubud, or sunrise in Mount Batur.

We are sure that Bali will create a memorable moment for you; remember to bring home some Balinese souvenirs to cure your logging of Bali. Here are some Balinese souvenirs recommendations that we specially prepared for you:

1. Rattan Bag

Have you ever wondered where all of those hipster influencers got their hand-woven bamboo bag? Starting from $10 for small rattan bags, You might want to visit and get some of these at the Sukawati market.

2. Sweet Treats

Pie Susu

Balinese milk custard tart, mostly known as Pie Susu, is one of the must-have items you need to bring back home. Unlike most milk custard tarts that have thick skin and filling, Balinese take on their tart more into a thin pastry that you can devour without the notion of remorse for gaining an extra pound!


Unlike Pie Susu, where the filling primarily consists of milk custard, pia is where all the magic can transpire. This mooncake-like pastry can be loaded with chocolate, green beans paste, Nutella, cheese, matcha, and other flavorful fillings. For only $9 a box, you can grab these tasty pastries at Pia Legong.

3. Kopi Luwak

Ever wondered where the most expensive coffee came from? Yup, you guessed it right. It comes from Bali as well, widely known as Kopi Luwak. It is the type of coffee produced with the help of Luwak (Civet). This coffee starts from $35 per cup and goes up to $100 per cup.

4. Arak Bali

What can be more exhilarating than sharing your experience of drinking Balinese local alcohol with your friends and family? One of the types of alcohol you can discover in Bali is its local Arak (Alcohol made from fermented rice and usually used during Balinese ceremonies). It comes in different types and sizes, and for only 10 dollars, you can enjoy the finest Balinese produce and share it with your loved ones.

5. Balinese Gamelan

Do you wish for a unique and decorative instrument for your living room? Rest easy. You can shift some of this Balinese Gamelan or Jegog from Ubud to your living room. When guests visit your residence, you'll have an exciting topic to chat about.

We hope we have revealed various inspirations for your next voyage to Bali! Do not forget to visit and enjoy our re-open Premier Lounge located on the Mezzanine floor, International Departure Terminal of Ngurah Rai International Airport when you are flying back home. Stay safe and stay healthy! 

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