Bali Opening and Entry Requirements
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Bali Opening and Entry Requirements

Since 14 Oct, Bali has officially reopened its borders for 19 countries.  Those countries are Bahrain, China, France, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Arab Emirates.

To ensure that you are eligible to travel into Indonesia, here are the latest requirements to fulfill:

  1. Present digital proof or physical certificate of Covid-19 complete dose vaccine.
  2. Show a negative PCR result 3x24 hours before departure from preceding airport.
  3. Present a Short-Stay Visa or other entry permits complying with the applicable regulations.
  4. Show proof of ownership of health insurance with minimum coverage of USD 100,000 that includes COVID-19 treatment and quarantine coverage.
  5. Show proof of hotel booking and payment for stay in Indonesia.
  6. Fill out e-HAC (Health Alert Card) via the PeduliLindungi app or manually from the country of origin.
  7. Carry out RT-PCR test upon arrival in the airport and wait for the result in one hour.
  8. Undergo centralized quarantine for 5 x 24 hours.
  9. Travelers must use direct flight from the country of origin.

For arrivals at Bali International Airport, here is the current procedural flow:

  1. Head to the arrival hall after exiting from the aircraft.
  2. Thermo scanner check (If the body temperature is < 38°C, you can continue to the next process. If the body temperature is > 38°C, you will enter an examination room).
  3. PeduliLindungi CheckPoint: Officers will help the passenger to process the data in PeduliLindungi App using the barcode.
  4. Health document check: E-HAC, Vaccination certificate. Negative result of PCR test
  5. RT-PCR sample collection for foreign tourists.
  6. Immigration counter check.
  7. Luggage collection at the conveyor belt.
  8. The waiting area of RT-PCR test result.
  9. Exit control desk: Bali Tourism Board will check the hotel quarantine booking document, transportation, and tourist health & travel insurance.
  10. Pick up zone.

The regulations have been changing dynamically during these past months to accommodate the latest COVID-19 situation. We highly encourage you to contact us to confirm the latest Indonesian regulations, before planning your travel.

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