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Lost Luggage Tracing Assistance Claim

When you purchase Lost Luggage Tracing Assistance ASA’spartner will provide you with assistance in the eventof your luggage is missingduring your trip.They will assist to search your luggage and if can’t be foundor returned within 96 hours you will get a satisfaction guarantee up to $2000.

Please follow the instructions below if your luggage ismissing, and report within 24 hours after your arrival:

1.     Report your missing luggage to the lost andfound sections ofthe airlines you are traveling with

2.     Make sure you get PIR (Property IrregularityReport) from the airlines

3.     Please provide us with the information below andsend us an email (, inorder for our partner to search for your missing luggage

a.     PIR (Property Irregularity Report)

b.     Service agreement (can be seen on your emailafter purchasing this product)

c.     Satisfaction guarantee beneficiary details:

                                                   i.     Firstname

                                                  ii.     Lastname

                                                 iii.     Address

                                                 iv.     City

                                                  v.     Country

                                                 vi.     State

                                               vii.     Zip

                                              viii.    Email address

                                                 ix.     Phonenumber

                                                  x.     Bankname and swift code

                                                 xi.     Routingnumber

                                               xii.     Accountnumber

4.     You will be updated by our partner every 6 hoursvia email / SMS on your missing luggage

5.     If your bag is found our partner will send youan email to confirm your luggage arrival

6.     If your bag is being delayed for more than 96hours after your report our partner will send you the satisfaction guaranteemoney to the beneficiary that you have provided us above.