About Us
About Us
About ASA
ASA (Airport Special Assistance) is a service provided by JAS Airport Services, which offers premium class meet and greet assistance.
Passengers could gain extra convenience while traveling at the airport terminal with ASA integrated services: personal assistant, porter, luxurious car, lounge, and immigration assistance. Please check our services page to get an insight view of our airport concierge service.

Our Company

> 120 Partners
> 30 Clients
Our customer portfolio includes reputable and prominent companies ranging from 5-star hotels, banks, travel agents and multinational companies
80.000 Guests
259K Guests
Average number of guests handled by ASA annually
> 6 Airports
> 6 Cites
Our services can be found at: Jakarta (CGK), Surabaya (SUB), Denpasar (DPS), Medan (KNO), Yogyakarta (YIA), Changi (SIN) Soon: Majalengka (KJT)
Our Brand Message!
End to End solutions 
for your airport journey 
Travel with CARE
Bringing you, our new tagline “Travel with CARE”. As we promise to deliver a Caring Travel journey for each passengers, the “CARE” in the tagline stands for
C: Customer-Centric
A: Assurance
R: Reliable
E: Ease

Our Service Promise